Kolkata Beefwalk and the sweet ending

A few phone calls, a few minutes of discussion and off we go- to taste the flavor of the mini beef-mecca in Kolkata- the beefwalk.

Direction and timing:-

From the central metro station entrance towards poddar court, take the road towards poddar court keeping the maharana pratap statue on your left. The first right lane (or second…) says, Phears Lane (there’s a post on the road). And off you enter. Walk inside for around 5-8 minutes and search for the aroma of beef kebab. The first stop is Adams kebab shop on your left- the name proudly says (famous for beef kebab)

Statutory warning:- this shop operates from evening 5 PM till 9 PM- as said by the owner

 Adam’s kebab shop- Sutli kebab

The prized item here is beef sutli kebab. This is basically a beef sheekh kebab, but such is the delicate nature that for making the seekh, it has to be rolled with a thin, very thin string (sutli) and hence the name…. Following the photos. After the kebab is cooked, they put it on a paper plate and accompaniments are just a small lemon piece and onion-chilly slices. Don’t forget to sprinkle the lemon and sprinkle the chilly pieces and you’ll reach heaven. Pocket pinch: 17/- a seekh

Sutli kabab on plate

Sutli kabab on plate

 Haji Allauddin Sweets

They say, do not get contented with just one slice of heaven… and off you start again. The next stop is one of the most underrated sweet shops in Kolkata- Haji Allauddin Sweets


Enter the shop and you get greeted by Shadab miyan- the owner of the place and the next thing to welcome your evening is the pure aroma of hot, freshly made gulabjamun- as shadab miyan proudly say “our gulabjamun is world famous in Kolkata”. But seriously, move along haldirams and Tewaris and you enter this place.

Next few heavenly items : Kalakand, Aflatoon (ok-ish probably because I’ve never been a bog fan of this thing) and Gond ki halwa….. Man, what a taste. It incorporates some 32 types of masala in it (as claimed by the shop owner) and is a real aphrodisiac (literally they suggest it for the newly wed bride-groom). Gond ki laddu was the next thing and the final showstopper- Sohan Halwa. The king of winter non-bengali sweets. Due to the excessive amount of ghee it takes in, its gets made only in winter and it did full justice to its name.

Gond ki halwa
Sohan halwa – 40/- per piece
Gond ki laddu

The nameless kheeri kebab shop

The next stop should be for a little strange item- Kheeri kebab. Its purely made from, please don’t get shocked, beef nipples. Little chewy in nature and an unusual aroma- it comes at 17/- a plate. But the actual challenge lies in finding the shop. Move forward from Haji Allauddin, take a left from the more and an immediate right- there’s a miniscule shop with no names on your right, opposite to yaadgar hotel. That’s the place. Enjoy your Kheeri kebab with a twist of chilly sauce and sliced onion.


The Pakistani ready-to-made spice-heaven

Now, after the walk, you’re coming back home with a heavy heart that your kids at home are not enjoying any of the delicacies. Behold, and look at your left. There’s a small shop with hundreds of small masala- full of pakistani delicacies and readymade masalas. I got Chicken Korma, achari chatpata biryani and punjabi yakhni pulao. Last two items are yakhni pulao and semiyan made with those masalas at home. The best part, with a good purchase from the shop, we got the semiyan mix as complementary.

The yakhni pulao with the ready-made masala


Pure malai- all’s well that ends well

Well, need we say more ? With a heavy heart (that we left the beef champ-roti alone) and heavier stomcah, we left for the day, but just on the way, we found a small shop on left selling pure dudh-malai (35/- per 100 grms). Each one of us took one bhand-full and off we left…. Bon apetite…

Well, if you have some time in hand, you might like to watch my foodwalk video in this area, shot in 2017…
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