Apanjan- the legendary fish fry in south Kolkata

“South Calcuta has no good joint for fried food, barring Bijoligrill” my friend told me. That set me thinking. Though I am a lover for north Calcutta’s dingy old fry shops, still I can remember at least couple of great joints from my old para, bhowanipore who can easily compete with city’s best and most hyped joints anyday, just any single day (with a good fat fish fry). And, this hole in the wall is one of them.

You need to find this place- Apanjan. You’ve to come down to Sadananda road (very near to Kalighat temple) and follow it until you find a hope-in-the-wall with the hell lot of people flocking it. Alternatively, it’s very near to Rashbehari metro station, take the opposite lane from the old CTC green colored gate and on Sadananda road, lies this place. Parking is not really an issue, but timing issue. They maestro starts from around 4 PM and all the good items tend to get over by 7 PM. You can easily ask “why ? They can easily prepare some more stock…” But then, all masters tend to be a little cranky- na ?

When I am saying a hole-in-the-wall, please be assured I am not exaggerating. It literally is. And all you can find it the boss sitting in one aged, wooden tool and an unimpressive showcase with lots of to-be-fried items. Look no further and till the time you decide upon your prey, order for their Fish Fry and I hope you’re not ordering for anything other than the large one- or are you ? They serve their food fast. Once it reaches you with a tinge of the home-prepared mustard and some rubbish unwanted salad (who wants that ??? ), snap it, feel the heat coming from inside the beauty, put one slice inside your mouth and start thinking of ordering the next item. In the meantime, the kolkata betki will be starting its magic inside and an orgasm will start building up.

Special fish fry

If you ask me, I’ll vouch for their Fish Orly (fish battered fry) as their next item. Being a bong and Social Bong, I’m biased towards a good calcutta betki- love me or leave me for that. Shout for that and start licking those mustard from the plate with another piece of the fish fry. The second one will arrive soon enough. Again the same eating routine will follow I presume.

Fish orly / battered fry

By the time you finish this and approach the counter for your next item, the owner will recognize you as a food fanatic and like in my case, might offer you some fish balls. I was kinda skeptic about these things, but had to apologize after popping one in mouth. They’re small bastards filled with joy- missing my rum with thums up.

If you’re brave enough, you’ll go for their egg devil (Devilled Eggs) and fish kobiraji. But, after you’ve listened to and enjoyed Ustad Bade Gulam ali Saheb, Arijit Singh can hardly satisfy you… (no hard feelings to anyone please). Remembering Niranjan agar and fantasizing it, ask for the bill and be surprised. When had happiness come out this affordable ?

Egg Devil

Will I go again ? But off course. I’ve been there maybe hundreds of time and definitely again…

Bon apetit !!!

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  1. Ebare Kolkata r trip e khali medicine kheye katalam; and akhon this post is making me hungry and angry 🙁

  2. Kaushik Ganguly says:

    I suggest you may try out Bengal Hotel opposite Behala 14 No Bus Stand / Behala Police Station bus stop.They have limited items on their menu that gets sold out by 7:30 PM at the most. I am sure the signature items like fowl cutlet, mutton cutlet, batter fish , fish fry can give Apanjan a really tough fight !

    1. Surely will try – thanks for info

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