Ujjala Chanachur and that middle aged bhodrolok

Let us visualize a middle aged kolkattan bhodrolok. Let us assume this gentleman has reached home after a (supposedly) hard day’s work, he transforms into his customary pyjama and ganjee. And, the next thing he shouts for (with that secret love in his tone) to his be(i)tter half is, “Ki go, cha-ta hobe ?” Now, irrespective of the gentleman is having his share of tea or a small peg of whiskey (often the bottle is carefully hidden in the almirah), chanachur comes as a standard trustworthy companion.

Now, growing up in south Calcutta (yes, it was not Kolkata then), I was often taken on my share of evening walk along the Hazra More and Rashbehari. And, from my childhood days, while crossing the Basusree inema hall near Hazra More, I was often amused to see a long queue in front of one small hole in the wall beside it. It took me years to understand how one shop seeling one non-descript item like Chanachur made a mark in South Kolkata food history. Welcome to Ujjala chanachur. The chanachur shop named after one of the famous movie halls (now gone, sadly) standing the test of time.

Once you’re crossing Basusree Cinema hall and going towards Rashbehari Crossing, you’ll find this on the same footpath. And, the identifiable factor is the standard queue in front of it. Get in the queue. The owner, Mr Ram Chandra Prasad sits there personally and makes sure the same is maintained. He works from 8 AM- 8 PM on all days. Try sneaking in and asking for some chanachur, all you’ll get is “Line e asun” and you’re back to square one. So, wait patiently in the queue and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet that gentleman there who has been a loyal customer there for probably decades. Happily, he’ll start narraing those golden days of his youth and you won’t even realize when your turn has come…

They sell many a items, mostly fried snacks items but you may ignore the offerings (like most do) and even need not utter what you need. Because they already know it. Just mention the quantity. The only customization option is you’ll take the masala or not. I’d suggest you go for it. After measuring the amount, this young chap will sprinkle in some magic spice inside the paper bag and hand it over. The price is mentioned for all possible measurements and thus, saves the time for mental calculation.

The chanachur here is of the non-spicy variant (more of the bombay mix type) and the owner makes sure you have nuts in your mouth in every gulp. And, this quality control has made all the difference and kept their forte high in this competitive processed food market. For some, this serves as accompaniment of muri (puffed rice) and tea, for the more colorful ones, with the dosage of whiskey or old monk. But, this shop remains there for its one single item.

And, if you’re still looking for something more filling to go with your booze of tea, in that matter, Apanjan, adananda Road is just a stone throw away (details can be found here). So, halla bol and  you may raise a cheers to that bhodrolok as he scratches his belly after the first sip and the first gulp and exclaims that “Ahhhh ….. ”

Bon apetit !!!

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  1. Mainak Mukherjee says:

    I personally know him because Kalighat sanghasree is my 2nd para.The shop used to be run by Ramesh Prasad (we used to call him Ramesh da ).He has expired and now Mahesh da is the current person who manages it , he is tall fair and heavily built. No doubt to most south calcuttans chana chur means ujjala, it’s expensive but they have retained same quality over the years

    1. Indrajit Lahiri says:

      Agree chief. Thnx for sharing

  2. maverickbird says:

    Love this post. I love Ujjala chanachur too. Always carry packs of it back to Germany with me.

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