Mohamushkil at Dhaba-styled punjabi food festival at Durbari

There is a common trait which is found among all the dhabas in India…. The hot crispy roti (and even that crispiness can be customized) , the butter ladden, heavily spiced dal and those heavenly tandoori chicken. If we forget those classy fine-dining variety of kebabs, any day, those earthy tandoori chicken is drool-worthy.

Now, it’s again a reality that not all of us have got the chance to go on a long drive and savour those highway food, but the longing is always there. Durbari restaurant in Swissotel has come up with this dhaba-styled punjabi food festival there from 12-21st May and I was invited there for a food tasting session. All the items there are served as a-la-carte and the portion size is pretty huge.

Being Swissotel, the decor and service is as usual of top-notch quality and nothing more can be done. I asked for the traditional Lassi and some 500 ml of thick pure love was served. And my friend opted for the fresh lime soda and he was the wiser one. The lassi was enough quantity-wise to make one normal person full.

Hara-bhara kebab (veg) and mutton sheekh kebab were next. Both were great and the sheekh kebab had that mandatory rugged chewy meat (unlike the smooth kakori). And, finally it arrived- the quintessential Chicken Tandoori. And, it was simply put, a rockstar. The texture, spice mix, everything was just perfect. The paneer kebab was also there and being a bong, I love paneer.

The makai ka chat was innovatively presented in a papad bowl and the stir fried prawn (I forgot the formal name, sorry) was adequately spiced up.

Now, by this time, like any normal person, we were full and was looking for an escape route but the main course was yet to come. Now, the problem of food blogging is you can’t escape. People feed you till your last breath (and off course lovingly) and after a point of time, you start looking for the escape plan. So, while I asked for only Dal and some Crisp Roti, Nalli Gosht ans Chicken Bharta were also ordered. Though I’ve had better Chicken Bharta in Kolkata itself (you may like to read it here), this was slightly different. And, the Nalli Gosht was the second rockstar of the evening. It was grand and definitely recommended.

So, finally the dessert arrived. IT was the Rasmalai. But frankly, after having all these, we were stuffed till neck and couldn’t enjoy it fully. Nonetheless, it was a little extra sweety (not me, but there are people who like it) and was the end (finally, thankfully) to a great meal. I must say, the food was superb with great portion size. So, if you’re looking to have some simple dhaba-styled punjabi food, this festival should not be missed.

Bon apetit !!!

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