An escapade at Westin Kolkata

I was getting mind-f#$%ed shuttling between home and work and idle mind was becoming devil’s workshop. While I couldn’t go out on a vacation, primarily for my kid’s school and my work ….. suddenly, the result for one contest from The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat was announced. And even more surprisingly, I was the winner for a staycation there- a 1N2D stay with family. It was basically an overnight stay with family (or whomever I choose to) with meals. And at this age, with social media all around, it was a bit difficult for me to go for a staycation without my wife (hardlyhave the courage really). So, off we went for it- The Westin experience. It’s basically on the New Town Rajarhat action area II and bang opposite to the Eco Park. With its 32 storied glass frontage, its one unmistakable building. You can check the location on Google map here Needless to say, the check-in was super smooth and promptly we were taken to our room at 20th floor. And, the view was simply amazing from the full glass wall in the front. And much to my wife’s surprise, a dessert pack was waiting for us at the table.

Lobby while going to the room from elevator

We went to pick up our son from his school (see, we are strict parents- LOL) and on the way, we had lunch outside. But, once we reached hotel, god had a plan of surprising us. He must have told himself “These poor mortals have not seen skyline from such a height, let me show them my painting skills ” and the view outside was something like this. And silently, I promised myself to come back here again ….. maybe just to soak in the view and get drunk ….. After a coffee with the lovely Westin Kolkata team, it was time for dinner. So, when the chef asked for my food preference, I stole the line from the movie Ratatouille and said “Surprise me … “. Chef Ravish Mishra smiled sheepishly and I could get the reason at the dinner. We chose continental cuisine and the first cocktail was looking just like a watermelon cooler. And I was kinda taken aback … “A watermelon cooler ??? ” But the first sip proved me wrong. It was a watermelon and chocolate cooler with ginger. Served at room temperature, the drinks set the mood for the meal.

watermelon and chocolate cooler with ginger

Starter consisted of crispy cheese with tomato salsa and herbs (my idiot son kept calling it cheese papad) and Hazelnut crusted mushroom. After a decade of marriage, husband and wife hardly agrees on anything and we were no exception. While I preferred the former, her choice was the mushroom. Needless to say, both were brilliant.

crispy cheese with tomato salsa and herbs
Hazelnut crusted mushroom

My son was getting impatient (he still doesn’t know the meaning of relaxed dining) and the intelligent chef team brought him a chicken burger. Thoughtfully, the bun was kept separate to prevent it from getting soggy. And, we were served the Parsley cauliflower soup with truffle. Now, I’ll talk about other dishes in due time, but remember, this dish was THE showstopper for the evening and is highly recommended on any a la carte meal there.

Seafood Rissotto was next and it looked brilliant. And while we were expecting the dessert, the second main course arrived. It was chicken breast with asparagus veloute. Maybe the kitchen team mistook our appetite with our size, and we were literally choking. But did we let go of the dish ? No sir, not me at least ….

seafood rissotto
chicken breast with asparagus veloute

We were stuffed till our neck, but only a fool would miss an opera cake with banana ice cream and surely, we were not the ones. And surprisingly, just within 5 minutes of our reaching room, the doorbell rang, and we were served hot chocolates ….. it’s like they were hell bound on killing us by over-feeding and embarrassing us. But I won’t lie, a sip in the chocolate with the view like that outside- I’ll remember it for a long long time.

opera cake with banana ice cream

We got up late in the morning. And, the breakfast buffet spread was ready at the Seasonal tastes, coffee shop. I started with a south Indian platter along with my health-freak son and wife started with some mixed meat soup and upon chef Debmalya’s suggestion, chocolate pancake with honey. But, a warrior’s breakfast is incomplete without the meat and soon an order was sent to the kitchen for a specific omlette ( “cheese with mushroom, slightly underdone please” ). And, I’ve tasted my second perfectly fluffy shaped omlette (from wherever little I’ve tasted off course) in town. and, they know how to make a crispy, less salted bacon- I am seriously impressed.

mixed meat soup bowl

Chocolate pancake with honey

For an outsider, the breakfast is priced at 1000/-, lunch buffet at 1250/- and dinner at 1500/-, all exclusive of Tax. And considering the ingredient and spread, it’s pretty justified. We didn’t allow junior to get into the pool in this season and didn’t succumb to his emotional pressure either. But, it was a promise to come back again in the summer- at least for him. Well, all good things must come to an end and so was this outing. I’d like to thank team Westin Rajarhat Kolkata for the great hospitality and I promise to come back again ….. Bon apetit !!! Comments and critics welcome … I can be reached at 9903528225 /

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