15 years of ITC Sonar- the West View Chapter

It seems just like yesterday, but 15 years have passed since ITC Sonar, Kolkata has opened in Kolkata. Now this year, to celebrate it, they’ve come up with a lavish set meal @1599/- in all their specialty outlets. I was invited for the tasting session at their West View Grills.

First things first, West View is one of the specialty restaurant in ITC Sonar serving superb Grilled items and some of the finest variety of spirits and liquors. The decor is suave and upmarket, while the service is top notch. Now, once we settled, the menu was presented to us and we were supposed to choose from the set menu options. And, being a not-so-gyani person in this particular food type, I did what I always do- I asked for the chef’s preference. And, later patted myself for that wise decision. After the welcome drink, bread basket was served to us (and off course I chose the focaccia ) and the flavored extra virgin olive oil (a platter in fact). The server (Sankhadeep, superbly knowledgable and courteous) mixed the oil with Balsamic vinegar and that was nice of him.

Welcome drink- Blue Lagoon

The first course was Macerated watermelon and goats cheese and being the typical ganwar that I am, couldn’t really relish what was being served. But, the double chicken consomme was great- with perfect aroma, it was a nice start.

Macerated watermelon and goats cheese
Double chicken Consomme

Now, West View is famous for it’s Caesar salad. And, who were we, lesser mortals to ignore that dish ? The lettuce was fresh and perfectly crunchy and with a good portion of shaved cheese and bacon, it was a treat. Bonus was the Burrata. It’s basically an Italian dish where the outer shelling is hard Mozzarella and inside was soft cream- thus lending its unusual texture. Again Sankhadeep appeared from nowhere with a black pepper crusher and helped us with it.

WestView Caesar Salad

And, finally, it was time for the showstoppers (yes, with “s”). The grilled Kolkata betki with shimeji mushroom. The accompanying sauce had an unusual yet interesting taste and upon asking, it came out as chardonnay infused lemon butter sauce. The grilling was done just at the right level and it was great.

Grilled Betki with chardonnay infused lemon butter sauce

And, finally, Tiramisu arrived. Yes, “arrived” is the keyword for the sexy beauty. Now, I am asked by somebody to not to describe it with any sexist object, but I can;t help here. IT was a top heavy, bottom light situation. The skin tone was perfect and the texture was super smooth. The top shave of lightly roasted coffee powder made my tongue ready for the lick of the super smooth creamy skin inside, and my eyes closed themselves- pure foodgasm. Just one suggestion, whatever you do, don’t miss this.


On request of the server, I chose Cafe Americano to end the meal and one can’t ignore the famed Sunbean coffee in ITC.

Cafe Americano

Overall, a nice and satisfying evening …… And, at the superb pricing, the experience is definitely recommended.

Bon apetit !!!

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