Goût de France 2017- West View ITC Sonar experience

Again I am back with french cuisine. Now, it’s your utmost right, in fact I’d say one of the fundamental rights to ask why an gastronomically-challenged-person-in-fine-dining- segment like me is writing about this fine cuisine and I fully support you on that ground. After I wrote about my Gout De France experience in Swissotel , I was feeling ashamed of myself. If you ask me of road-side kebab shops, I am a champ (well, at least I think so…), if you ask me of another roadside kachori- I know a couple of places. Even, those eating houses in town….. yes yes- that’s my forte. But, frankly, like you stay away from your own wives (or husbands in that matter…. ), I stay clear of the fine dining stuff. They are like those page 3 parties, visually appealing, but you can hardly reach there. But, this time, luckily, thanks to honorary Consulate General Of France in Kolkata, I got the chance to be invited in few place in town- after all every dog has his own day.

Now, coming to the Goût de France event. It’s basically a global phenomena where, globally in around 2000 prime places, at the same time, over the same meal, pure unadulterated french food is getting served. In Kolkata, all the big boys have jumped in and tables were booked weeks in advance. This event is planned by the French Consulate in different locations and coordinated by the same. Gout De France literally means “a taste of France” and maybe, aim of this event is to infuse the fine diners with the same.

Now, this post is dedicated to my experience in West View, ITC Sonar Kolkata. This was my second visit there. Nothing to tell about the decor and the service. Being one of the prime outlets  in one of the prime hotels in town, it’s top notch.

First things first. I’m bad at remembering french dish names (like seriously…) and the first dish that was served to us (thanks to the chef) was not on the menu card….. basically what I mean to say is please don’t expect me to remember the name. But, once I put a spoonful of that inside my mouth, the subtle flavor of asparagus embraced the saliva and mood was set for the evening.

The first item was the salmon cruffin with the chives tartare. I’m not very sure whether cruffin= crispy muffin but the result was fantastic. The the presentation…… uhhhhhh just the visual eye candy – perfect.

Salmon cruffin with chives tartre

Well, I remember the next item’s name (pssst….. it was given on the printed menu card). It’s basically a hard bread from Anjou region with pan fried goat cheese with sin dried mushroom. The bread was hard and stiff, but once paired with the over salty goat cheese, it was something else. You remember that over-masculine bully in school, the day that spicy, chirpy girl (in his same class off course…) smiled to him, he melted. Almost the same thing happened her. Together they were a great pair and the mushroom worked as a palette cleanser.

Bread from Anjou region with pan fried goat cheese

Just as the evening was setting in, showstopper came to our table. The slow-cooked lamb chop. The fact that the meat can be taken off the bone with a spoon proves that the term “slow-cooked” has been taken quite seriously by the chef. The smell of orange reduction was prominent, wherein the masculinity of the lamb jous was also there. French people love there pomme (or potato) as mush as we do and hence the potato had to be there.

Slow cooked lamb chops with orange reduction and cooked with lamb jous and barrelled potato

And, finally it was the dessert time. Everybody loves meringue- remember that whipped egg-white thing ? And, we loved it…..

Floating island- cooked meringue on creme anglaise

And in case, you’re keen on learning some french dish names, here it is (you can thank me later… )

So, let’s let that “taste of France” settle in and enjoy Goût de France …..

Bon apetit !!!

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