Few restaurants where I am loving the biryani recently

I love my biryani and no that’s not a statement. Out of the few things that bind Kolkata together, biryani ranks high among them. We are kind of finicky when it comes to that particular item. But recently, few joints have come up, who’re giving some serious thought on it and producing some seriously good staff. So, here’s my take on it.

The first would be a take away joint in Salt Lake and within last one year, from a garage, they’ve opened 3 outlets around Salt Lake and New Town. The name is Kabuliwala. The good part is they’ve invested in developing their product, packaging and delivery logistics rather than a fancy infrastructure and it has paid them well.

The menu is simple and its pure takeaway. Its Biryani – mutton, chicken and vegetable and few gravies. That’s it. You need to order over phone (033-65000065) and the delievery is quite prompt. The bad side is they don’t serve for a single portion. It’s for a minimum of 2 portions and the quantity is quite heavy, but so is the pricing. The packaging is quite innovative and probably, targeting the office crowd, high quality disposable plates/ tissue and toothpick is sent with the packaging and the parcels are done in pouches (maybe to retain the heat)  or sealed clay handis. The mandatory potato and eggs are there. Taste-wise, frankly, it’s suitable for the faint hearted and light biryani lovers. Though tasty and fragrant, for me, it was lacking the punch that I find in the Royal Biryani. But still, my 7 year old son (not very foodie) loves it and so will others I guess. For me personally, okay-ish in taste and brilliant in packaging and overall concept.

Pocket pinch for two: INR 650

If, biryani in Kabuliwala was like enjoying your calf love, the second outlet which I’ll be talking about is like having an extra marital affair. It’s called The Biryani Company. You know it’s sinful but would still you go for it and the reason is the zing and the taste. It’s another chain of restaurants where they have around 6 outlets around Kolkata. Each outlet is a small one with limited seating capacity and an AC, but nothing fancy. I was invited for a food tasting session at their Mudiali outlet and this review is purely based on the same dinner. After long time, I found a restaurant which uses top graded ingredients and raw materials. The Galawati Kebabs that were served on Ulte tawa ki parantha, were slightly customized as per local tastebuds. We could actually feel the meat rather than the masala and that has made the difference. Texture-wise, they were near perfect and smooth. I’d suggest to put them inside the parantha and have them like that. The Chicken Kalmi kebab was nothing great and can easily be avoided or rather another portion of Galawati Kebab can be ordered.

Pocket pinch for two: INR 750

Starter chhanch
Chicken kalmi kebab

Mutton Galauti Kebab with ulte tawa ki parantha

But, when biryani came, it was a surprise package. It smelt of pure saffron and ghee and meat quality was great. The spice quotient was inevitable to miss and the whole package is sinful. Along with it, came the chicken champ and Mutton rezala. Chicken champ was like the presence of the in-laws in a marriage (read bland and non-needed) and again can be avoided. Rezala was surprisingly good and recommended. Though the mandatory makhana was missing, but the gravy was awesome. Firni was served at last. It was good, after after having that sinful biryani, it felt flat. If you visit the place, I’d suggest for the Galawati Kebab and Mutton Biryani.

Mutton Rezala
Chicken champ

Overall, like few young kids are seen to have a great potential, these two joints are definitely recommended from Mohamushkil side.

Bon apetit !!!

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  1. Have become curious about The Biryani Company after reading about it in Times of India. This post nails it! The ingredients and the end product have quite a pull! Waiting to explore it.

    One thing on the metaphors you’ve used. If the chicken chanp was like the in-laws, was the rezala much like the sister-in-law?

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