Mohamushkil at New Paul Dhaba, Manicktola

There is something called as a single-dish-restaurant. They take years to master one single dish and are quite okay with that. And, rather than going on for some hundred dishes from 10 cuisines (and all tasting the same), they push their customers for those very very few dishes on which they excel. This is the story of New Paul Dhaba, Manicktola and their Tadka.

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It’s situated just beside the famous Manicktola market, in fact more towards the Amherst Street crossing, on the same footpath as the market. Also, it’s open on all days with standard operating hours stretching into late night. Now, please don’t have any high expectations from this place- decorwise. Once you get in, all you can find out are few suspicious looking men gossiping among themselves (not giving a damn about the world outside) and the topic ranging from current governmental policies to when the third world-war may start. Do not expect an AC inside (anyways, you were not- right ? )

And I’d suggest you to pack the food for home. Don’t waste time trying to have the food there. l I’m sure somebody makes phulkas at home (at least with more love). It’s not that they don’t make them, silly me, off course they do- but they tend to get cold and transform into rubber by the time it reaches home.

You can find the Google location here

Well, for the ordering part, don’t bother asking for the menu card. Straightaway, go for their special egg Tadka. And while ordering, whisper to the waiter to have it butter-fried and make sure to push a 10/- note in his hands. This will ensure a big, sexy chunk of butter is put in those otherwise worthless plastic containers while finally packing the tadka for you.

And, once your wife starts shouting at you (upon reaching home) for not having them from some known posh joint, few pleasure will match the one, whilst you rediscover that lust in her eyes seeing the floating liquid butter on top of it. Off course, you need to reassure her that it’s harmless butter and she won’t get fat with it. The slightly burnt smell will seal the feeling. After all, lust is burning. Like you used to ask her in your newly-married days, lovingly ask her to have the food with you (forget the idiot kid… and let him be happy with his dose of Oggy). And just to show her the lost heroism, bite on the green chilly, while having it with that freshly made phulka. She’ll make sure to utter those words ” shath shath, jhal khete parona toh khaoa keno” and will refill the water tumbler (and if you’re lucky, even will thump your head). Trust me, you both will remember that feel for a long long time.

Roti and Egg Tadka
Double egg tadka

Off course the next item, which you’ve brought home is their Egg Kosha. In earlier days, they used to use hansher dim (duck egg) in that kosha and who doesn’t know that the difference between duck egg and regular poultry egg ? It’s something like the difference between own wife and other’s wives. But, good things hardly last and they’ve started using the poultry eggs (or was it for that day only ??? ) but the gravy remains the same. It’s heavily charged with everything your doctor asked you not to have- excess oil, overdose of spices and two eggs halved infused with the pleasure of committing the sin. Take an extra phulka, shamelessly wipe the plate clean of those remaining gravy and lick your fingers. You’ll feel your eyes getting closed and something building up inside- that long forgotten sensation….. pure unadulterated lust.

Egg kasha

Anyway, I am sure,  by this time, your kids would’ve started thinking why you both are taking so long to finish the dinner and definitely not looking under the table to discover you both playing footsie after a long, long time. You can shift your kid to the side of the bed from in between, for that night …..

So now, come back to the real world and start planning for the next date. You can thank me later.

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Overall, for the sinful bong-punjabi tadka and egg kosha, New Paul Dhaba is definitely recommended. It may not be someplace to go for a dinner but for a take-away, few places can match it in that area.

Bon apetit !!!

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  1. Lovely! A hidden gem again on your blog where one expects it the most. The garnishing of the rekindling of love at home was fun! Mentally bookmarked this place which I’ve passed by and noticed (and was curious about being a local food map enthusiast) countless times.

    1. But only those 2 items pls

  2. Aurindam Roy says:

    Extra ordinary write up for some ordinary dishes . But dont you think that the food will get cold by the time u reach home , espescially for people living down south?

    1. I microwaved it … Ba porer din basi ta korai te gorom kore kheleo hoi

  3. rupak says:

    dada,I don’t know if had the tarka when it was paul dhaba(and owned by a punjabi gentleman) and not before the bihari businessman who bought the shop from his wife,added a new to it and started selling chinese, biriyani and what not….the tarka now is not even 20%as good as it was….singh ji passed away and so did the recipe….we used to travel from dumdum to just have the tarka….it was not at all spicy and the special one(with butter) used to melt in ur mouth….u only had to chew the roti which was something between a ‘haat’ and a tandoori ruti….i still remember singhji calling out”ek wati special lagao”…. nostalgia

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