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Firstly, Thanks a lot to everyone. Really, I mean, with folded hands, from the bottom of my heart, thanks. Rarely such happens when a normal mango-people, almost reaching his forty, get to celebrate his birthday- forget about celebrating in a grand manner. But this year, thanks for my friends and well-wisher, it was a different issue all together.

The day started normally, well, not normally in fact. My son, in his sloppy sleepy voice was the first one to wish me happy birthday and mom was next. In fact, she got a little sentimental (which is normal for her) about how my b’day was celebrated years back. Oindrila was the last one, as she was busy in her daily chores. And as usual, I reached office. Now, my main office is a small one, but somehow it suits my purpose. So, when this gorgeous lady came in and was looking for me, I got a little (happily unsettled). It was a birthday wish from Aauris Hotel. And, I was stumped and honored. It was a nicely done chocolate cake and my day started. Thanks …

Over lunch, there was a blogger’s meet schedule at La Cucina, Hyatt Regency Kolkata. And though it was pre-fixed, I was somehow thinking of avoiding it. But, thank goodness I didn’t and upon reaching, what I found out, was one hell of a party. chef Mauro Ferrari was flown down to present a typical Milano styled Italian food spread to the city of joy. It was a standard 5 course meal, but done with superb simplicity and authenticity- like the way it’s supposed to be done.

In La Cucina, what I’ve found out from my previous visits, is the food is always outstanding and so is the personalized service. The price for the a la carte dishes, as well as their sunday brunch is very much justified. Chef Ferrari is one jolly happy chap and loves to talk. But upon knowing about our individual food preferences, whatever he created form his kitchen, was magic. Among all the dishes, the saffron rissotto was star of the show. The subtlety was unique. But, in the starter section, there was this egg with soft cheese. It completely bowled us over. For record, La Cucina serves a fresh bread basket to the tables. Take a bread, tear it, hear the perfect snap, wipe this dish with it and it’s pure heaven. The rissotto was sinful yet simple. A fish fillet can never go wrong and here also it was perfect- combined with the crackling baby spinach and garlic cloves. The dessert thankfully, was less on the sweeter note and that made it stand out. Basically, I love polenta, period.

Egg and soft cheese
Saffron gnocchi with milano salami and cheese
Saffron rissotto with balsamic reduction

Fried fish fillet and baby spinach and parmesan

Fried asparagus milano style with liquid cheese

Sweet polenta with cooked sweet fig

But what followed next, was epic. A chocolate truffle cake appeared from nowhere and it was celebration time, a surprise party. People have rarely seen me getting shy and embarrassed, but this was one such occasion. Thanks team Hyatt Regency, Kolkata. Despite all my resistance, another lovely blueberry cheesecake was handed over to me for my family- so, frankly, honored.

But, by the time I reached home, another cake had arrived from CremeCups. They are one online bakery and upon ordering via the very user friendly ordering portal, they actually prepare the cakes freshly and serve them in their award winning dry-iced packaging box. And, let me tall you, of all the cakes, my son loved it the most, basically it made his day.

Being somebody who eats around, nowadays, I tend to avoid restaurant food on occassions, but it was not the case for my family and in the evening, they literally made me go for a dinner outside. And, I usually vouch for Al Fresco, Lalit Great Eastern for the home-styled food. Though I was full after the day and could actually eat very less, my family enjoyed a lot. As if almost mandatorily, another cake was gifted to us, thanks to team Al Fresco and being from the Lalit Bakery team, amazing quality.

But mostly, thanks to all my relatives and friends (some of whom I’ve only met in the virtual world, but knew I could count upon) and the numerous wishes, my day was made. They say, ‘every dog has his own day” and this old dog had this day- no amount of thanks is enough for you. I’ve tried to revert to everyone personally, but if I’ve missed anyone, it was purely unintentional.

Thank you again…..

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  1. Nice foods and yummy cakes! Happy birthday, Indrajit.

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