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Japanese food is somehow one of the most underrated cuisine globally. But, frankly, there is no apparent reason for it. Its a visual pleasure and finer tastes blend like they’re born for it only. But, still, maybe due to the lesser availability outside Japan or the ingredients, it’s pretty tough to get. However, Wasabi, Taj Mumbai is one of the premier Japanese eating joints in the country and thankfully Taj Bengal had brought chef Yousuke Matsudka (a.k.a Joe) from mumbai for Kolkata for a 5 day Japanese pop-up. 

With the ingredients sourced directly from Japan and paired with chef’s iron knife and culinary skill, it’s actually a treat for the city of joy. First things first. The pop-up is available in Souk, Taj Bengal from 15-19th September over lunch and dinner and let me tell you, due to heavy rush, prior booking is suggested. 

Now, I am not an expert of Japanese cuisine, not that on any other cuisine also. But, when I was invited by the hotel for a tasting session, I was exceited, simply because it’ll be a new experience for me. Souk, being one of the flagship outlets of Taj Bengal, had that premier feel and impeccable service which is expected. We were seated in the private dining area with our personal butler and the first thing that came to mind was “Thanks life, you’ve been quite good to me… “

Frankly as I said, neither I am an expert on Japanese cuisine, nor I can remember the names (and I can;t pretend to be an expert on them either). But, all I can discuss here is a layman’s experience on Japanese food. And here it goes…… 

The food were new to our taste buds, but visually, they were mind-blowing. Wasabi was served fresh to our plates and for the assorted sushi and sashimi platter, that had made a hell of a difference. It had an assortment of seafood, tuna, salmon and scallops served in that impeccable manner along with the wasabi on side. I feel Chef Sachin Poojary could sense my helplessness and politely guided me alongwith. According to him, if someone can’t use the chopsticks (like me), using your fingers was the next best thing to do. 

The dishes had fine tastes blending into each other and the visual appearance complemented it, so rather than writing, let me present to you a pictorial story. 

Desserts were Mille feuille, Tofu cheese cake and Wasabi creme bruilee. Out of which, the creme bruilee had that sharp taste was Wasabi and is definitely recommended. 

So, if you’re having a thing or two for Japanese fine cuisine, reserve your seat and enjoy. 

Bon apetite !!!

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