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There are certain places in Kolkata, which, over a period of time, have achieved the cult status and has gained a certain follower base of their own. In fact, the follower base is such strong that, if a certain dish is presented in a new way, the management is flooded with complaints. One such place is Baan Thai in The Oberoi Grand. Recently, I was invited to taste their Indian Spirits Cocktail and Oodles Of Noodles Festival and following is my experience.

Statutory warning: The Oberoi has got a certain aura of classiness surrounding the whole property and they prefer to maintain it that way. So, if you’re looking to indulge into royal treatment and are ready to pay THE price for it, welcome, else, just enjoy the review here.

As I said, these guys understood service.So, instead of serving us the full set of cocktails and getting us drunk on a weekday afternoon, they provided us with one full cocktail for experiencing the looks and shooting and for tasting purpose, we were given shots of each. But, we were assured, if we needed, full cocktails can also be provided. The cocktails were a blend of stunning finishing (looks-wise) and some strange recipes. The taste of each of them was awesome to say the least. But among all of them, my winner was Southern Somras- which I’ll try again in near future. P.S: The cocktails are priced at 975/-+ Tax each portion

Next came the food and it was a wide spread. Frankly, this was my first visit to Baan Thai and I was mightily impressed. For me, a great restaurant consists of non only great food, but great service- and this was THE place. The prompt service, knowledge  of servers was commendable and the best part was, I could find my water tumbler full at all times (those who follow my blog, know that I’m quite finicky about this aspect, at least in a fine dining outlet).

Now, thai food for me is something where there is a riot of flavors, yet, none overpowering others. Its basically a flow of different flavors making love with one another and becoming something else. This balance is what I find in all the Thai joints and here, the journey was seamless. We were served a full meal and following are the items.

Among all the items, my favorite was the soup firstly. The subtle flavor of the stock was out of the world. Among starters, though I am not much of a prawn lover, the deep fried prawn was out of the world and in the main course section, though a little spicy, the seafood soba noodles was brilliant. The dessert was a surprise, but ended the meal perfectly.

Overall the experience was brilliant. Earlier I used to think why this place was so much praised, but now I can understand. So, if you’re looking for a classy evening with Thai food, here’s the place. Portion sizes are huge and can easily be shared. Pocket pinch: for a couple should be around 5000/-.

Will I visit again ? off course yes.

Bon Apetite !!!

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