Mohamushkil searching for Mumbai food – part 2

So, mumbai had been good for me for last few days (you may like to read that from my previous post here). Time was running short for exploring mumbai food . And, just at that point of time, Niladri fixed up time with me for another old time tested joint there called Bagdadi Restaurant. Now there is something called BadeMiyan (and quite famous too) here with its multiple outlets. But somehow, I’ve repeatedly been warned not to go there and if I am hell bent on visiting something closeby, to go to this place. But, first things first. going to Colaba and not visiting the famous Leopold Cafe, the society won’t accept me. And as I am a society fearing person, after a couple of taxi rides, our first stop was Leopold Cafe. Just as Olypub is to Kolkata, Leopold Cafe is to mumbai and being in mumbai, the grandeur is at a much larger scale and a much much elaborate menu. In no way, it can be called as something value-for-money, but then sitting in there and soaking in that ambience has to have a price.

And you might just (by chance) find the infamous bullet holes

2 beers each calls for a walk and the sea side walk is a great option in front of Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai.  

Bagdadi Restaurant is located just at the backside of Taj Mahal Palace hotel and is basically a 3-4 min walk. It’s a non-AC okay-ish looking place and even at 1100 PM, it was bursting with guests and there was a pretty long waiting queue. Somehow, they may have understood that I am a tourist (from my near innocent looks) or might be my dodging and pushing skills (from other place street food experience), we got the place in 10 min flat.

Even before seeing the menucard, Niladri sugegsted Mutton Fry and “so be it” was my reaction. After all, a mutton fry can’t be done bad. And for another chicken dish, Bhuna chicken was ordered along with their large rotis. Frankly, the bhuna chicken was strictly okay-ish and can easily be avoided , wherein, with the onion and capsicum fried, mutton fry was a much better option. The rotis were surprisingly soft and paired greatly with these two. But the surprise was yet to some. I suddenly found some custards to be served to the other table and shamelessly I found myself to be asking the waiter to serve us the same. They were one of the softest homely caramel custard I’ve seen in my mumbai food quest. I had two and it’s pretty difficult to stop at one. Definitely recommended.

Bhuna Chicken

Mutton Fry
Bhuna Chicken
Caramel custard

And only the breakfast was left for my last day and luckily my friend Kalyan Karmakar  was ready to take me to another old gem in mumbai- Lucky restaurant in Bandra West. It was a rainy morning (like the way it was supposed to be, and we were supposed to meet for a late breakfast at 11. The restaurant was a breeze to locate. Everybody seemed to know about it and seemingly, the signal is being called Lucky signal because of its popularity. It was the typical old-school cafe and though there was very much a AC section, the non-AC section seemed always full with local people having their daily dosage of Pao and Anda Bhurji. Kalyan ordered and I trust him on that part. Apart from the regular Pao with Anda Bhurji and Keema Ghotala (dry mutton keema with egg scrambled in), he ordered for Irani Chai. In Kolkata, by Irani chai, we understand a milk tea (with a different flavor), but here it was liquor tea with a slice of lemon and few mint leaves served separately. We were supposed to soak them for a few minutes and have it. Off course the flavor was different but for the next cup, I ordered for the regular milk tea and it was the same thing as to what we get here named as Irani Chai.

Breakfast in Lucky Restaurant

Irani Chai

More than the food (which was good nonetheless) the relaxed, laid back atmosphere was what I loved. While the outside world was rushing around, inside it was just my friends, myself and adda over some nice food. Thanks Kalyan. Life’s good.

So far, mumbai was good and definitely needs a revisit. One city takes a lifetime for any foodie and this is no exception. Till the next visit, bon apetit !!!

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