I, Indrajit Lahiri, am an entrepreneur by profession. After heading the Education BU of one of the largest OEMs globally, in 2012, I felt like starting something on my own and thus formed Pickle Solutions Pvt Ltd (http://picklesolutions.in/ ), which in turn became one of the leading IT roll-out firms, mostly working in the North-East part of India. But, inside, I felt like doing something other than this and as I loved taking pictures and travelling a lot, formed The Streets Of Calcutta ( http://streetsofcalcutta.com/ ), probably the first city specific photo-archive. Gradually Snappho Photography Services (http://snappho.com/ ) was born with the aim of providing a combined photography marketplace experience. In 2015, we came up with Social Bong (http://socialbong.com/ ), the online PR management consultancy for MSME sector. 

I am an avid photography enthusiast and my work has been published in the leading newspapers many a times and was even displayed in the first ever Instagram exhibition in India, held in Kolkata in 7-9th January’16.  

But, somewhere in between, I started a blog post named http://moha-mushkil.com/ , literally meaning “A lot of trouble” in bengali language, which mostly featured my gastronomic and travel experiences. I try to be honest, in fact brutal to some extent, with my experience and reviews. The blog has been featured in numerous places, some of them being:

My writings are getting published regularly in two web-magazines, namely,

So far, the journey has been quite satisfying to say the least. Being a food Blogger, I regularly get invites from hotel brands like ITC Soar, Novotal Kolkata, Swissotel and many others on a regular basis, but due to my engagements, have to give a miss to a few of them too. 

So far, this has been my journey and I strongly believe that I have to improve a lot and a long path has to be covered int his journey. Blogging for me is mostly a learning session and a medium of engagement with my readers globally. 

I can be reached at :-

Indrajit Lahrii

+91 9903528225


The media kit can be downloaded at :-                         

Media Kit for Indrajit Lahiri

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  1. Your photography is neat and very refreshing to be tagged hobbyist..enjoying your blog.
    Glad to have found it. Stay connected :))

    1. Thanks for liking…

  2. Deepayan Roy says:

    hello Indrajit Da..am also part of varius FB food groups and i keep track of your food walk and all and it is a very exciting work you are doing.My Company is in Travel Domain and we intend to organize a grand food walk event sometimes next month.just wanted to check if in any kind you can be associated with us in terms of desiging/developing the plan.
    We want to design in line with this stuff – https://in.bookmyshow.com/national-capital-region-ncr/events/delhis-delicious-food-tour-bus-for-groups/ET00037769

    i am waiting for your kind reply even if it is negative and we are hoping we will be able to design in line with this and see how it goes in future

    Deepayan Roy

  3. In love with your blog and the name of it! From one bong to other- Go conquer!

  4. Love your blog and its name! From one bong to another- go conquer! 🙂

  5. Rimly Roy says:

    I was seeing Mohamuskil for a while and digged in to the website today..It just brought smile on my face effortlessly.So glad and proud to see my first supervisor and a friend taking the highway..way to go…cheers!!!!!

    1. Indrajit Lahiri says:

      Thanks lady

  6. You make me feet nostalgic and perhaps a bit sad at the closure of AD Cabin on Sukea Street. Will it start functioning is a hundred rupee question. Answers are available with the unwilling next generation of the late owners who are embroiled in a bitter succession battle. The taste of the fowl cutlets, fish chop, muglai porota and chicken soups might be lost for ever. Amen

  7. soumyo says:

    thanks for this wonderfull blog of food in kolkata…

    1. Indrajit Lahiri says:

      Pleasure sir

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