Flavors of the East at Holiday Inn

It’s no secret that chinese food is (arguably) the most popular cuisine in Kolkata, but at the same time, getting an authentic chinese spread is a bit difficult. We tend to ignore the original recipe and love the dishes which are customized as per our palate. And, being a Calcuttan, by nature, we are less adventurous when food comes. But when I was invited for a food tasting session (prepared by Chef Lee Tuck Seng from The House of Hun, Crowne Plaza Jaipur) in Social Kitchen, Holiday Inn Kolkata Airport, I was definitely interested. And, more importantly, the spread, apart from a la carte, was available as a set menu during lunch and a part of their daily dinner buffet. So, a normal person can have it without spending a bomb for it.

Now, Social Kitchen is the new kid on block, where I’ve already been invited and also I’ve taken my family out for dinner on my own, so it was nothing new for me (The experience can be read here). The ambience is friendly and with the large glass panels, it’s mostly naturally lit.

As soon as we settled down, we were presented with the Blueberry cooler , which, in this scorching summer, was a bliss and the lemon coriander seafood soup soon followed. Now, somehow, I have a fetish for soups. And in any weather condition (hot/ cold whatever), I love them and this was no exception.

Lemon coriander seafood soup

Soon, Prawn with chilly garlic sauce was served along with the chef’s special Peking Duck. Now, this was the first time, I’ve seen any large hotel serving Golda Chingri in their chinese food and as I am a fan of this variety, it was my day.

Prawn with chilly garlic sauce

Peking Duck

After all these, it was time for the main course and we were served Lao Gama Chicken (okayish), Crispy lamb in chilly garlic sauce (superb and was the showstopper) and Steamed fish in lemon coriander sauce. Though during earlier days, good chinese food meant only spicy food to me, recently, I’ve developed a liking for steamed fish and this dish was fantastic. Subtle yet tasty- definitely going to be in my to-order-list on next visit. For the curbs, slightly spicy red peeper noodles and Olive fried rice was served. I’ve frankly, never tasted olive with any chinese fried rice before, but this was actually quite different….

Lao Gama Chicken


Crispy lamb in chilly garlic sauce

Steamed fish in lemon coriander sauce
Wok fried red peeper noodles


Olive fried rice

Unfortunately, chef was not very conversant in talking in english, but his gastronomic skills definitely made up for it. I’d love to thank Holiday Inn managament for the great hospitality expended to us.

Chef Lee Tuck Sung

Bon apetit !!!

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