2 cafes – one vision, different path and Mohamushkil

Recently, I’ve been to 2 cafe, which I found quite different from the usual run of the mill numerous ones. Both cafes have got one aim, one motto, one vision and that’s the good part, but surprisingly, the path taken is quite different. This is their story. The first one is Cafe I can Fly….

Cake mixing আর আমার শহর

Christmas- for a foodie like me, the term itself has got a separate smell, a separate taste. The smell of cakes roam around freely in Calcutta streets and the preparation starts some 1-2 months back with the cake mixing session and my story starts from this time of the year. You think you know Kolkata…

Nosh Cafe- THE cafe for automobile fanatics

It’s a cafe, it’s a fancy garage….. no, it’s Nosh Cafe. Ok, I understand that was a bit dramatic (remember the kung-fu panda 3 styled “Dramatic Entry” ??? ), but frankly, the place is THE dream destination for somebody who love automobile. We were invited here by Zomato to taste have the regular meetup and off course to…

Saldanha Bakery- A slice of colonial Calcuta

There goes around a story in Kolkata gastronomic circuit that the best traditional anglo-Indian cakes are found not in fancy hotels, but in few homes, and over the period of time, they’ve become legends. Many have heard of the name, but few have actually been there, the name’s Saldanha Bakery and Confectionery One should reach…

Sweta’s bakes- the personalized homebaker

Kolkata cookery scenario is opening up to new-age home-based food-entrepreneurs and few days back, we had the privilege of meeting one such home-baker from Kolkata – Sweta Kumar. She stays in Highland’s Park, on E M Bypass and can be accessed via her FB page. Just for the records, she also has got a listing in Zomato ….