B-Naturals fruit juice and its mission for #SayNoToConcentrate

It was just pre-diwali times and the doorbell rang. My son, grown bigger in size now, opened the door and shouted “Baba, again uncle brought something for you”. Well, most of us are used to gift and receive gifts. But this time, surprisingly, I found, there was a tinge of excitement in his voice. Being a health freak, surprisingly, he is indifferent to food items and thinks I am becoming fatter by the day and the villain is my eating-out habits. When I came down, I found a large basket of B-Naturals fruit juice and my monkey prince dancing around it…..

Well frankly, I am not that big a fan of fruit juice and my son prefers whole fruit, rather than fruit juice, thanks to his mom’s training. But, few tetra packs never hurt anybody I guess. Now, some gyan regarding this brand.

It’s basically another BU for ITC food products. B Natural has a range of eight exciting variants. Pick one to suit your mood – from the delicious Mango , Apple , Guava and Litchi to the tangy-sweet Mixed Fruit , Orange and Pineapple . The beverages are packaged in 6-layer Tetra Pak cartons. These cartons protect the contents from environmental conditions and preserve their nutritional value, so customer can experience the goodness of our beverages in its entirety. the specialty of these juices is, they are made from real fruits and not any fruit-concentrate and this is featured in the product branding quite prominently. 

Regarding the tetra-packing of fruit juice, you can check the following slides (From internet)

Taste-wise fantastic, these juices are available in 1 Ltr packs, as well as small handy versions as well. 

Real taste of the fruits are there and that’s what me and my family is loving the most (you can’t finish 4 packs overnight- right ? ). While my mother loves the mango (and high BP patients somehow have an uncanny liking for sweet things- remember ? ), junior is going for the Litchi flavor and having nothing in hand, Guava and Pomegranate are left for me and my wife. 

So, enjoy B-Naturals and #SayNoToConcentrate …..

Bon apetit !!!

Comments and critics welcome.

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  1. Soumen says:

    This is a paid post, right? You sold out! Brother, if you do a paid/sponsored post, always say so, otherwise you’re just defrauding your readers.

    1. Indrajit Lahiri says:

      Sir, please go through the post. I’ve already declared it’s a gift hamper. So, that suffices my stance I guess.

  2. Soumen says:

    Okay, my bad I guess. BTW, your blog is just brilliant. Love your writing. Keep up the good work! Regards.

    1. Indrajit Lahiri says:

      Thanks a lot. Much appreciated sir

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