What’s up Kolkata- the diary in May

Recently, food scenario is changing like anything in Kolkata and each month is having its own numerous food festivals and menu launches. Great offers are thrown in regularly to attract customers and good food is offered. So, here’s to present a compilation of some of the happenings in foodie Kolkata…. Let’s start.

Its summer and mocktails are a sure shot winner. So, Novotel Kolkata has come up with its own aet of specialty mocktails. Below are the few shots for the same. Easily gulped down with food (reminder, please check the portion size before you actually finish your orders), they are good. Any suggestions ? My choice would be the blue curacao based Sante Blues.


Next, let us have some Thali. And, for thali segment, the obvious name that comes to anyone’s mind in Kolkata is Rajdhani Thali, Park St. At 425/- per person for an unlimited thali (and trust me when I say so) consisting with some 31 items and impeccable service, its a brand of its own. Throughout the whole month of May, they’re having their Aamilicious festival. Basically, mango dishes are there in the menu. For a bong, its seriously difficult to remember all the names, but I can distinctly remember their Aamras. A little extra sweet (at least to my taste), but quite rich in taste and aroma. Few interesting spicy raw mango dishes are also there and they should not be missed.

Maharaja Thali

There’s a new kid on the block, Lokaahar and as per the name suggests, its a bengali specialty restaurant. It has come up with its new menu called  Kobi PokheThakur Barir Choddoh Pokher Thali to celebrate Pocheeshe Boishakh, or the Rabindra Jayanti, the day which marks the birth anniversary of the great scholar and novelist Rabindranath Tagore.

The menu has been inspired from Thakur Barir Rannaghar and comprises of  Bhaat (Rice), Polayu, Aam Aada Diye Dal,  Mourola Macher Piyaji, Sol Bhagun Bharta, illish Macher Matha Diye Poi Saak, Aam Jigey Posto, Sosha Narkel Diye Chingri, Kacha Lonka Dhone Patta Diye Chicken Or Mutton, Chatni, Papad, Rabri, Chandana Pulli, Pan.

The price is Rs 690 (all inclusive). This special thali would be available in Lokhaahar from Pocheeshe Boishakh, ie, 8th May, 2016, till 31stMay, 2016.

From their exhaustive menu (please be aware, as the owner suggests, the dishes should be ordered before you reach the place, else, please be ready to wait for 45 min- 1 hour), I definitely reccomend their Shol Begun Bharta (though the amount of shol fish could be increased slightly) and Aam ada diye dal (a good unusual flavor). Gravy of the sosha narkol diye chingri is  a cooler and definitely must-try, but use of shrimp there is a little turn-down for me. Overall, in 690/- per portion for a set meal, it can definitely be tried.


Now, let us come to the interesting segment. Smoke House Deli, Kolkata is having a great cocktail offer (for May) for us thirsty Kolkattans. Its 495/- for 3 cocktails from their specially curated cocktail menu and one starter. As I wrote earlier, this place is one of the premium continental food joints situated in Quest Mall and the decor and ambiance is quite good. Once we went there, I’ve tried their Mojito range and believe me, the Smoked Melon Mojito is really great. For food, the fish fingers (though Basa) was damn good. Overall, for the premium place like that, nothing to complaint about and definitely recommended. And also, they offer one complementary bread basket (with dips) in a very cute and innovative sack, this should not be missed.

Lastly, I would love to mention one pop-up dinner hosted by my good friend Ipshita Banerjee. Though she’s a champ in her own professional world, she’s also a fantastic cook. She hosted a pop-up dinner consisting mostly of fusion bengali food and thankfully invited us. The menu itself was tempting.


The whole set was something different than what we’re normally used to. And, leaving apart a few dishes, rest were fantastic. Namely, the begun pora with tahini on Goyna Bori (yes, brinjal can be good) and the pumpkin panchphoran salad (how can one think of a pumpkin salad in bengali cuisine ??? ) and off course the best of the lot were Mango Salsa with poached shrimps (simply brilliant and quite tangy) and the Mutton Pora (4 boneless mutton cubes) wrapped in banana leaf and grilled. I personally wish her all the best and would soon like some hotelier to take her consultation and adapt these dishes.

Phew, so, quite an array for a foodie. Please let me know for anything else interesting going on in Kolkata scenario….. Till then, Bon apetite !!!

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  1. indiasologuy says:

    enjoyable read, Indrajit. You’re quite a gourmand. I , for one, can never muster the courage to sample varied fare outside home regularly unless I’m traveling.

  2. Suchintitag says:

    Another beautiful piece Indrajit Da! Thank you 😊

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